Welcome to the world of health

Providing impeccable service since 1992 ,Fast track health studio is dedicated to bringing a sense of beauty and well being into the daily lives of Chennai peoples, starting out with a single outlet in the posh locales of Chennai, with plans for more branched underway

Fast track Health studio is a Reebok certified instructor's initiative that places a very high premium on providing quality services, Hence we are dedicated to providing And unparalleled experience to every customer who enters our premises.
To meet the very specific need of all our services lines. Fast track Health Studio engages the services of over 100 highly trained and experienced professionals.

Our staff is lead by Fast track 's is very own internationally trained aerobics
And fitness expert Mr Prem Anand, to meet our very high standards. All workout s  used are tried and tested by professionals. We envision beauty as a reflection of inner health and tranquility. No matter how stressed out you may be , you will leave with a smile on your lips.




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