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Weight Management

We at FASTTRACK provide you Weight management programme that offers you rapid slimming and weight gain solutions.

Regular exercises is a great stress buster and Mood lifter, not only does it keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check ,but it is also a natural way to keep your weight under control.


Aerobics is basically a form of exercise that involves a session full of rhythmic, large muscle exercise, accompanied with music, usually with an instructor. The class format is more than exercise, it is a party. You will enjoy moving to intoxicating music with the motive of making you have fun. It is physically good for you. You can burn 500-800 calories an hour and tone every muscle in your body. It benefits your mind and spirit. Taking an aerobics class makes you happy, relieves stress and allows you to forget your troubles.

Personal Training

You are unique! The needs of your body are unique and respond to exercise in a different way.  

Our personal trainers are qualified to take you through your paces - right from formulating your individual work out schedule to ensuring you get the most out of it. And when your body says 'switch' they will know and will change your schedule to keep pace.  

Our trainers are always available to guide and advise you on the right methods and the way in which to get the best from your workout on one-on-one basis throughout your session.